It’s back! After a seven-year hiatus, dConstruct returns for a one-off event. Join us for a day of thought-provoking talks on design transformation from a stellar array of forward-thinking innovators.


We’ve got eight fantastic people who are going to provoke, entertain, and stimulate you…

George looking confidently into the distance, and perhaps into the future.

George Oates

George Oates

George Oates is an Australian designer and entrepreneur. She works in the cultural heritage sector and she’s an expert on digital archives. Her latest challenge is working out how to make an online photography archive last for 100 years.

George previously spoke at dConstruct back in 2007, where she and Denise Wilton had a conversation called Human Traffic.

Lauren giving you the side-eye in front of bookshelves.

Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes is an award-winning author from South Africa whose book Shining Girls has recently been adapted for television. Some of her work is kind of sci-fi, some of it is kind of horror, some of it is kind of magical realism, and all of it is great.

Lauren previously spoke at dConstruct in 2012, when she gave a talk called Imagined Futures.

A thoughtful-looking Seb strokes his chin and looks into the distance with a twinkle in his eye and a little smile on his face.

Seb Lester

Seb Lester

Seb Lester is an artist and designer who has created logos and illustrations for NASA, Apple, and Intel as well as custom typefaces for British Airways and Waitrose. A lover of letterforms, he is now one of the world’s highest-profile calligraphers posting his mesmerising work on Instagram.

He lives in Lewes, home to Harveys Ale and annual ritual bonfires.

Daniel looking at you cooly while he looks sharp.

Daniel Burka

Daniel Burka

Daniel Burka is a Canadian digital designer who has previously worked in the agency world, at Silicon Valley startups, and even venture capital. But now he’s doing truly meaningful work, designing for busy healthcare workers in low-income countries.

Daniel previously spoke at dConstruct back in 2008, when he gave a talk called Designing for Interaction.

Sarah in mid-performance, deep in concentration, lost to the music.

Sarah Angliss

Sarah Angliss

Sarah Angliss is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and robotic artist who composes for film, theatre and the concert stage. She plays a mean theremin.

Sarah previously spoke at dConstruct in 2013, when she gave a talk called Tech and the Uncanny.

A scruffily-bearded Matt looks straight into your soul with his deep penetrating gaze.

Matt Webb

Matt Webb

Matt Webb is a technologist, product designer, and writer who defies categorisation. He has headed up a design studio, co-founded a start-up, and now consults on super-clever machine learning stuff. His blog is brilliant.

Matt previously spoke at dConstruct back in 2007, when he gave a talk called The Experience Stack

A smiling Seb pointing a smoking laser right at you.

Seb Lee-Delisle

Seb Lee-Delisle

Seb Lee-Delisle is an artist working in different media …but mostly lasers. His Laser Light Synths project is particularly fun!

Seb previously spoke at dConstruct in 2012, when he gave a talk called Pixels, People, and Play.

Photo by Anthony Ribot

Anil looking straight at you intensely, like he’s attempting to mind meld.

Anil Seth

Anil Seth

Anil Seth is a professor of neuroscience who is also a bestselling author. He conducts experiments on people’s brains and then talks about it afterwards.

His talks have been known to be mind-altering.

Delve into the archives of all the past speakers


dConstruct 2022 will be held in the beautiful Duke Of York’s Picturehouse at Preston Circus, Brighton—one of the UK’s oldest cinemas!

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dConstruct is an inclusive event based on treating all individuals respectfully, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, species, religion (or lack thereof), or software preferences. So please don’t be nasty or mean. Be nice. Be considerate. Be civil. It’s easy.

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You can phone or text me on 07792 069292 but if I’m not responding, a member of staff will be at the front desk for most of the day, so if you can’t get hold of me, please speak to them.

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